(MARRS-RX7) Trophies [Was: Re: MARRS 2]

Bill #77 77_2
Mon Jun 2 22:13:15 CEST 2008

Quoting Matthew Stutt <mstutt at gmail.com>, 06/02/2008:

>> I've never had a trophy. Most others haven't either. How fundamental
>> can if be if most racers never get one?
> You have to realize how weak an argument that is?

You understand that since you are currently a race winner and regular  
podium finisher, that your opinion on getting trophies every race may  
be a bit biased?

>> So you are part of the problem? My understanding is part of the
>> justification for dropping trophies is that MOST WERE NEVER PICKED UP.
>> Like yours.
> I've picked up every single trophy earned on a race weekend.  Folks not
> picking those up was actually the issue.

Uh, that was my point, thanks for making it again? Folks not picking  
up trophies they earned every weekend.

> You know what the best part of NASA is?  IT'S NOT A CLUB!!!!  It's a
> business with paying customers.  As soon as the SCCA realizes it's not a
> club either (and stops using that as an excuse for self justified, inept and
> sometimes criminal activities) we'll make a big step forward.

Well, that also reinforces my point that bringing them a significant  
group of "customers" could get us more leverage than we have with a  
"club" that doesn't care. So, uh, thanks for making another point for  
me, again.

> Anyway, back to the point.  Myself, and so far as I can tell the majority of
> the MARRS constituency, believe the program should have trophies for race
> finishing position.  Demand is there.  Bring them back.  This is a club,
> after all, right?

If that's the case, then why don't we have per-race trophies? The BOD  
ignored the drivers? Then where's the hue and cry from the masses to  
lynch the BOD and bring per-race trophies back? The only people I've  
heard demanding them here are folks always finishing in the top 5 who,  
you must admit, have a vested interest.

  - Bill
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