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Al- driving fast in the rain is easy.  I can have Eva mock you for being slow for 2 or 3 weeks before the event.  That beats back the self preservation instinct and leaves the thought of "I have six whole months to fix the car" in your head.......(She even threatened to leave me and take the car for herself if I didn't improve.)  At least that worked for me :) 

Seriously though great driving on your part.  No way I could have passed you with equal hardware.  I need lessons from you on what that middle pedal can do.  And I need to get Dave Ade to tune my car!  Nice prep! The only way I got you was grip in T10.  

A brake bias valve is the first off season project.  Other than that it is just seat time, seat time and seat time......

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	I think I need to take rain lessons from you!  You totally had
me when the rain came.  Was very happy to see we had another season of
good cooperative racing between the classes.  About the only problem I
had all season was trying to figure out whether it was Asman or Geidl
who was catching us at the end..  Stutt's #6 and Asman's #5 look way too
much alike to me!  Didn't know it was him till he was almost up on you
and I could make out the number in my mirrors, then I just moved over
and enjoyed the show.. 
	Big thanks to Owen for taking the outside lane on the start, it
allowed us to get a clean start in Spec 7 and he had enough ponies to
get into T1 ahead of the Spec's and then it was game on..  Thanks Owen!

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Guys- it was great racing with you all this year.  I hope to have a lot
of the same next year.

Al- congratulations on win #1!!!!!  Thanks for running me hard when we

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