(MARRS-RX7) couple questions

Kevin Hutchens Kevin
Sun Oct 12 19:46:14 CEST 2008

The cheap "HD" cam's aren't really HD.  They might record in 720p resolution
but they are doing it will about 480p of data (it's a hack).


I got the Motosports Hero camera (google it) for $180.  It has lots of
mounting options and records 1 hour Cable/TV (not HD) quality on a 2GB SD
card (which are like $10 each now).  You could get a cheap digital "still"
camera that has a decent movie mode but they are hard to aim right and turn
on/off since you can't see the screen.


If you want something "good" get an application specific race cam setup, OG
racing has a new one that looks really nice.


My, 2 (or 3) cents.



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I'll be towing to the track, I just think it would be fun to rive it around
other than the track. well i hope it doesn't rain since i realy don't thave
the time to get a set of RA1 I had considered just getting a good det of
street tires just to beat on till i get used to the car and then switch to
the spec tires once i get a better idea what i'm doing.  plus i can use them
for just running around town when I feel like driving it. As for the cam how
important is having one with image stablizing? i found a cool little hd cam
that is 170 bucks.

Danny Matula
AMC Fabricators, llc
ph# 540 295 7694 
Fax# 1-800-763-1731


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Hi Danny,
   FATT's are run rain or shine.  For the rain we run unshaved Toyo RA1's.
They offer good grip in the wet and wick water away nicely.  But if you
don't have any, the shaved toyos still offer very good grip on a moderately
wet track compared to street rubber with more tread.  At least until it
starts raining heavily, then full treads are the ticket.
   As for driving to the track, many of us have over the years but not so
much any more.  I stopped when I started doing the away races and bought a
trailer.  But prior to that I did the 40 mile drive to Summit many times and
used my spec 7 as a street car when my daily driver was broken.
   I always run a camera for races, but I'm running an old High 8 Sony.
Useful, but the quality of the analog video isn't very good.  I realized
this when Kevin Bailey was kind enough to share his MARRS 9 video with me.
Very good quality.  Whatever Kevin is using, get one of those.  -Al G

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I'm a little behind in getting things moving  but I am making so progress.
My first friday at the track is coming up and theres a few things I've been
thinking about.  I guess they will run it rin or shine and right now I have
no decent tires other than the spec tires. is ther a good tire that most use
for a rain tire? Also Do es anyone actually keep thier cars street leagal
and drive it on the street? also I am looking at getting a camcorder to
mount inside so I can record everything and hopefully learn a little more,
what modle seems to do the best and hold up. theres so many choices such as
minidvd, hard drive and flash, I know flash works great most of the time but
will the hard drive have issuses with the usage?

Danny Matula
AMC Fabricators, llc
ph# 540 295 7694
Fax# 1-800-763-1731


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