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Mon Oct 13 04:17:48 CEST 2008

Ok  I'm going round and round trying to get stuff done and figure things out.  I have found that there dosen't seem to be that many wheels on the market for our cars. for steel wheels it looks like diamond and mrw are pretty much it. i guess I'm goin to get a set of un shaved ra1 for street and rain tires. If anyone has anything for sale let me know.  
 I spent some time working on getting my new seat in and everything set up. I'm having an issue witht hte postion of the steering wheel. by the time i have my quick release on and my seat where I feel it needs to be the steering wheel is a couple inchs to high. if there anything in the rues against spacing the colum down to put it in a better postion. and has anyone else had issuses with  no head room?  I never realy thought about it before but by the time you add the cage and a helmet theres not much room, I think my helmet will touch the cage on a regular basis.
And one other thing i've been looking at but not necessary right now is a fire suit. is any one using a 2 piece instaed of the tradional fire suit.

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