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Kevin and Eva Bailey kevin.s.bailey
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It is quite simple to loosen the mount bolts on the steering box, then loosen the long bolts on the mount under the dash.  You can put in aluminum sleeves over the machine screws (available in the hardware bins at Lowes) and lower the column.  Then tighten everything back up of course.

Question for the group- anyone have any safety or legality concerns? 


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Ok  I'm going round and round trying to get stuff done and figure things out.  I have found that there dosen't seem to be that many wheels on the market for our cars. for steel wheels it looks like diamond and mrw are pretty much it. i guess I'm goin to get a set of un shaved ra1 for street and rain tires. If anyone has anything for sale let me know.  
 I spent some time working on getting my new seat in and everything set up. I'm having an issue witht hte postion of the steering wheel. by the time i have my quick release on and my seat where I feel it needs to be the steering wheel is a couple inchs to high. if there anything in the rues against spacing the colum down to put it in a better postion. and has anyone else had issuses with  no head room?  I never realy thought about it before but by the time you add the cage and a helmet theres not much room, I think my helmet will touch the cage on a regular basis.
And one other thing i've been looking at but not necessary right now is a fire suit. is any one using a 2 piece instaed of the tradional fire suit.

Danny Matula

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