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Mon Oct 13 14:15:07 CEST 2008

Quoting Kevin and Eva Bailey <kevin.s.bailey at verizon.net>, 10/13/2008:

> Danny,
> Question for the group- anyone have any safety or legality concerns?

Kevin and Danny,

Read the rules carefully. They state pretty clearly that anything not  
/specifically/ allowed is not allowed. There isn't anything in them  
about modifying the mounting of the steering column.

That aside, the steering column is solidly mounted to the steering  
box. There is no flexibility, so there is no way to change the angle  
without changing the angle of the steering box, which besides not  
being allowed, would screw up the steering geometry.

As for the seat, Danny, did you mount it to the floor? I'm 6'2" and  
had to bolt the seat directly to the floor pan. My head touches  
(bounces off of...) the bar on the left side, but the important thing  
is it does not touch the roof and is lower than the top of the bar.  
Even with the seat on the floor, the steering wheel position is not  
bad. You'll get used to it.

For cameras, that Aiptek might do the job. I used a $90 Creative Labs  
Vado this season and it worked very well. Video quality is plenty  
good, but I wish it had spot or manual exposure modes.

Stabilization can make things worse because it's designed to  
compensate for the motion of a human hand, not being strapped to a  
race car. It quickly reaches the limits of it's compensation, and then  
makes the frame jump all over. Just for reference, neither Grand Prix  
nor Le Mans used stabilization. They just bolted the cameras to the  
cars and went racing!

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