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Mon Oct 13 17:06:48 CEST 2008

Quoting AUGUST MATULA <amc.fab at hotmail.com>, 10/11/2008:

> I'll be towing to the track, I just think it would be fun to rive it  
>  around other than the track. well i hope it doesn't rain since i   
> realy don't thave the time to get a set of RA1 I had considered just  
>  getting a good det of street tires just to beat on till i get used   
> to the car and then switch to the spec tires once i get a better   
> idea what i'm doing.  plus i can use them for just running around   
> town when I feel like driving it.

There is real benefit to learning to drive on the track with street  
rubber. It's more forgiving and more instructive than R-compound  
rubber. That said, the suspension of a Spec RX-7 is such that it will  
quickly overpower street tires as your skills improve, so that limits  
how long they can be useful.

Just as an example, a soon-to-be SRX7 rookie finally switched to the  
Rs this past weekend, and immediately picked up a lot of speed and  
started to put some things together he was having trouble with on the  
street tires. It was good he started on and learned a lot on street  
tires, but he was past the point of needed to switch up.

For street tires, just pick up some of the "+" wheels, which can be  
had most anywhere for a song, and slap some cheap-o Korean tires on  
them. Very handy for rolling the car around on the street and for  
storing the car over the Winter when the R tires should be bagged-up  
and hidden deep in a dark basement.

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