(MARRS-RX7) couple questions

Wed Oct 15 04:40:34 CEST 2008

Well I've made some progress and belive it or not moved the seat forward but the layback isn't what i was hoping for so I haven't set it totaly.  I ordered a set of inexpensive tires and some diamond wheels just to burn up while getting track time and maybe even do some drifting for fun.  It will be interesting to see the difrence when I do switch rubber. 
  On another note has anyone every gone to a Car Guys event? I had heard of them before and I'm just looking for asmuch track time and pointers as I can.  Most of all I just want to get out and have some fun and drive(something other than my normal couple hundred miles a day). How far in the winter do they run FATT aswell?

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> Quoting AUGUST MATULA <amc.fab at hotmail.com>, 10/11/2008:
> > I'll be towing to the track, I just think it would be fun to rive it  
> >  around other than the track. well i hope it doesn't rain since i   
> > realy don't thave the time to get a set of RA1 I had considered just  
> >  getting a good det of street tires just to beat on till i get used   
> > to the car and then switch to the spec tires once i get a better   
> > idea what i'm doing.  plus i can use them for just running around   
> > town when I feel like driving it.
> There is real benefit to learning to drive on the track with street  
> rubber. It's more forgiving and more instructive than R-compound  
> rubber. That said, the suspension of a Spec RX-7 is such that it will  
> quickly overpower street tires as your skills improve, so that limits  
> how long they can be useful.
> Just as an example, a soon-to-be SRX7 rookie finally switched to the  
> Rs this past weekend, and immediately picked up a lot of speed and  
> started to put some things together he was having trouble with on the  
> street tires. It was good he started on and learned a lot on street  
> tires, but he was past the point of needed to switch up.
> For street tires, just pick up some of the "+" wheels, which can be  
> had most anywhere for a song, and slap some cheap-o Korean tires on  
> them. Very handy for rolling the car around on the street and for  
> storing the car over the Winter when the R tires should be bagged-up  
> and hidden deep in a dark basement.
>   - Bill
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