(MARRS-RX7) couple questions

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Sure they drift, but sustained, huge angle, tire-smoking drifters, they are

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Quoting "brian at ogracing" <brian at ogracing.com>, 10/15/2008:

> There is one other event you should consider, I believe Mazda Drivers 
> is on the Shenandoah in two weeks, and they might not have a full school

MazdaDriverS.com is on the Shenandoah November 1-2. Usually get 4 x
26-7 minute sessions, but may get closer to 30 minutes this time, weather
permitting. So figure 3-3/4 hours on-track for the weekend.  
Instructors are provided.


> I'm not sure the RX-7 would be that good for drifting, but maybe with 
> crappy tires on the rear, and decent rubber on the front.

HA! Push that ride a little harder, Brian. It drifts just fine. ;-)

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