(MARRS-RX7) couple questions

Kevin Hutchens Kevin
Thu Oct 16 21:29:57 CEST 2008

The TrackDaze guys are always out on the skid pad with their dualie tow
vehicles.  Last time they had two going at the same time.

It's funny to see these huge trucks sideways!

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Quoting AUGUST MATULA <amc.fab at hotmail.com>, 10/15/2008:

> who know but it will be fun to try and learn to do it with the rx.   
> Iif they would let me I could bring my 1 ton dodge out there and   
> spend all day sideways but it easy with almost 1000 lbs of twist to   
> the rear wheels

MazdaDriverS.com runs the skid pad when they do the Shen. Last time I  
had my Ram 1500 Quad Cab on it doing skids. That was fun. And I only  
have about 300 lbs of twist. :-)

  - Bill
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