(MARRS-RX7) FW: Car Insurance May Not Cover You at the Track

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Wed Oct 22 03:36:58 CEST 2008

Quoting AUGUST MATULA <amc.fab at hotmail.com>, 10/21/2008:

> what insurance are most running on thier cars

HA! I'm mean Optimum Heuristic Sledge Hammer Insurance Trust...

That's right, O.H.S.H.I.T. is my insurance company.  ;-D

Rule #1 for the race track:
NEVER put any car on the track you are not willing to walk away from.

Insurance is for things you can't afford to lose. For everything else,  
it's a sucker's bet. If you obey Rule #1, you'll never need insurance.

I'm perpetually astounded by the people who bring expensive cars to  
the track and then have fits of apoplexy when they wreck (sometimes  
with the temp tags still on them). When I go with my Spec RX-7, 3rd  
gen RX-7, or my RX-8, I know it may not be coming home and plan  
accordingly. That said, in a dozen years of tracking cars, I've only  
totaled one so far (and I was mugged by a Neon!). Then I got the use  
the O.H.S.H.I.T. winch I built into my trailer for just such an  

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