(MARRS-RX7) FW: Car Insurance May Not Cover You at the Track

Gervais, Al AGervais
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Strange place to wreck...  I'm guessing the driver crested the hill and
hadn't anticipated the curve to the road and fought to get back to the
right while on the grass..  Or maybe something broke.


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I remember Jeff Stahley in a 355 Challenge at the 2001 Summit National.
He was in a dog fight with a corvette, but then slipped off (grass was
soaked) and rolled it at least once.  Not a single panel wasn't bent.
About a year later, he was quoted in the Post at an arrive and drive for
Bentley.  I think it's fair to say that folks who play in that price
range have themselves covered (except maybe the guy in the R8 at VIR
that was taunting the racing gods).


One of the front office guys at Road Atlanta was telling me about a guy
who rented the track for a day to bring his new Lambo there.  At the end
of the day, he called his wife, "Honey, I bought a Lamborghini.  Honey,
I need you to come get me."  The Lambo had crashed outside of turn 12.
A quick google search, however, suggests that the story may have been
embelished when I heard it - I can't imagine that two guys had the same
wreck, same spot.
4/  Pictures in the first post, and an explanation further down.







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Quoting "Alex C." <alexanderanson at gmail.com>, 10/22/2008:

> Just playing devils advocate here, but I had another thought about all
> this as I was falling asleep last night.  What about this example:
> A guy goes out and buys a Ferrari F355, always wanted one and had the
> to do it.  He's always wanted to push the limits of the car a bit, but
> that the safest environment to do that at is a track day or FATT.

Funny, there was a guy with a 360 Modena Challenge Stradale (!) at the  
last FATT. Driving it pretty hard too. There was also somebody with a  
360 Spider, not driving it so hard. Hats off to both of them.

>  Its just Ironic to me,
> because that's what these cars are here for  - to go fast and to have
> (and with some of them, to look good while doing it). [...]

Insurance companies are here to spread reasonable risk over a large  
number of people. Most don't consider tracking the car a reasonable  
risk. Not saying I agree, but they are free to make that decision. You  
are free to choose a different insurance company.

> I guess what I'm saying is that people that go to the track to do it  
> the right way shouldn't be punished.

You're not. Your rates won't go up a penny if you have a crash that's  
not covered. ;-P

> Now I'm seriously rethinking wanting to take my 350Z out to the track,
> although I have wanted to for some time.  Its not like I wanted to do
> multiple times and beat the heck out of it, but I really would have
loved to
> hear that thing whine down the front straight going into turn one
> looking at the speedo to see how fast I was able to take it.

Obey Rule #1 and you'll be fine. Or buy incidental track insurance.  
There are companies offering it. Or find a regular auto insurance  
company that will cover recreational track days.

  - Bill
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