(MARRS-RX7) race school

Adam Baitis adam
Thu Oct 23 02:00:55 CEST 2008

Have to agree w/ Kevin here as IIRC srx7 was grouped with Big Bore.  
Keep your head down, drive your line and watch mirrors.   Have a good 
time listen to the instructors and as mentioned you gotta finish the 
weekend...  You won't sleep much Friday night but try your best.  Also 
as mentioned --- crew is key -- still grateful for Hatch and Gastro 
crewing for my school at Summit.

Don't let them pick your nick name..

Have fun and learn for other student's mistakes,


Kevin and Eva Bailey wrote:
> Know the instructors are going to be blunt, even harsh at times. Don't 
> take it personally if it happens to you, and learn from it whether 
> directed at you or not The school at Summit was a lot more intense 
> than at Roebling. Personally I think Summit was the only way to go. I 
> was not comfortable with some of the folks that got signed off at 
> Roebing.
> My biggest mistake early in my first school was trying to not screw up 
> people passing in faster cars by staying out of the way....that was 
> wrong. Drive the line, be predictable and have fun!
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> Subject: (MARRS-RX7) race school
> Does anyone have any last second word of advice for a first time race 
> school student?  My car is prepped and I am about as ready as I will 
> be at this point.
> Thanks!
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