(MARRS-RX7) CRC meeting notes and updates for the '09 season

Matthew Stutt mstutt
Mon Oct 27 16:14:06 CET 2008

Folks -

Because I'm lazy (err...efficient), and Mr. Ginsberg is so eloquent I'm
republishing (with his permission) his summary of last week's competition
committee meeting:

Hey all. Tonight was another wonderful CRC meeting. There were two items on
> the agenda:
>           o Scheduling for next year
>           o Run Groups for next year
> 2009 MARRS Schedule
> Honestly I'm not really sure where to start so I'll go with the easy
> one--the '09 schedule.Here it is in all its glory. I can't tell you yet
> which MARRS races will be Doubles (except for Labor Day weekend) or even
> what the format for the weekends is going to be. We're going to look at that
> at the next meetings (more on that later). You'll notice a bit more variety
> compared to '08. So heeeeere it is:
>           o April 18-19 : Summit Point
>           o May 9-10  (Mother's Day): MARRS/SARRC @ VIR
>           o May 30-3 1 : Summit Point
>           o June 27-28 : Summit Point
>           o July 18-19 : NJMP Thunderbolt
>           o August 8-9 : Summit Point
>           o August 22-23 : NJMP Lightning
>           o September 5-7  (Labor Day): Summit Point
>           o October 10-11 : Summit Point
> We will be working with the North Carolina Region to make the MARRS / SARRC
> event a little more amenable. This could mean more than the seven run groups
> we had last time, going to three days, or going to a single race. We'll see.
>  Now that the MARRS series is out of the way, here are the other major
> dates on the WDCR schedule. Each are at Summit Point:
>           o April 4-5 : Drivers School
>           o May 15-17 : Double National (Pending NEDiv approval. It may
> become a two-day, single National)
>           o June 12-13 : 12 Hours at the Point
> 2009 MARRS Run Groups
> Rather than attack run groupings in January as we normally do, we decided
> to get things done now. Each representative on the Committee was asked to
> bring their proposed run groups, printed, and would be given three  minutes
> to present their reasoning. Come next season, you all are either going to
> love  me or really hate  me. The Committee accepted my  plan.
> Here's the good news....we're not running with ITS next year.
> We're going to have a radical  change in the format of the series next
> year. We've been talking off and on over the past few years about changing
> the format of the MARRS weekends. We've all discussed qualifying races and
> many of you heard a proposal at the Open Comp meeting (and here) to make
> each weekend a Double (w/ qualifying and race each day). Well, in order to
> do that there's no way we could continue to have 10 run groups, and nine run
> groups wasn't going to cut it either. My plan was to go to eight  run
> groups. A move to eight run groups allows us to recover a minimum of an hour
> each day and reallocate that time to the remaining groups, giving us longer
> on-track sessions. If we go to a qualifying race on Saturday we can make it
> long enough (approx. 10 laps) to alleviate the fears of carnage as people
> bash and bang to get a better starting position for the Sunday feature. We
> can also go to a longer feature race on Sunday (18-20 laps). If we go to
> double weekends, The same applies--more track time each day.
> So what's the downsides? More cars on track across the board. Whereas this
> year we had some groups (like ours) that averaged about 40 cars, there were
> closed-wheel groups that barely managed 20 cars. No need to rehash that and
> our attempts to realign groups mid-season. If we use 2008's participation
> numbers, most of the run groups would average 35 cars with my plan. Of
> course, this year we saw a falloff in registrations as the year went on
> (probably gas price-related) and a lot of us are betting we'll see a 10-20%
> dropoff due to our economic troubles so we'll probably really be seeing
> 30-32 car densities at best.
> So how'd this play out? I proposed going to eight run groups to facilitate
> modifying the MARRS weekend format. This was approved 13-7. Once that was
> done, I presented my proposed run groups. Believe me when I say that
> contracting to eight run groups gives you a very  limited number of options.
> Some of the combinations aren't exactly optimal, but this time around the
> pain will be spread across more groups instead of just ITA taking the brunt
> of it once again. The CRC will be working this winter with our stewards and
> the N.E. Division Chief Steward to add language to our Supps, calling for
> either "split starts" or "split grids" for many of our run groups to make
> some combos more palatable.
> There was one other 8-group combination presented on the fly but the
> framers couldn't make the numbers work. The committee approved my groupings
> 13-4 with three abstentions. So here's the rundown. 2008 Averages are in
> parenthesis with the MR2 move to ITB taken into account.
>           o FV / F500 (19)
>           o Big Wings & Things (18)
>           o SM (35)
>           o SSM (41)
>           o Big Bore / ITS / ITR (34)
>           o Small Bore / SRF (38)
>           o ITA / SpecRX7 / T3 (35)
>           o IT7 / ITB / ITC / SSB / SSC (35)
> There are some classes that aren't very happy, but I know that since Yip
> likes using RX7's for brake pads that ITA will do just fine. I think we had
> one T3 car show up all year, so if we do a split start w/ the Spec7's we'll
> probably be able to coexist quite well.
> Feel free to comment here or privately, or you all can take my head off
> this weekend at the drivers school.
> ...ducking for cover,
> -Gregg

It was fun while it lasted,  but IT7 (and SS) have left us.  Hopefully we'll
be able to get the run group order modified some to enable double dipping...

Welcome to ITA.  The stewards are at least so far entertaining the
possibility of a split start (not just a split grid as we did with ITC).
This is good new for us.  As for T3...rumor is that Jerry totaled his
Sube...so T3 does not really exist anymore in MARRS :)

Also, don't be afraid of Yip.  I hear it's been years since he last used an
RX7 as a brake....

M. Stutt
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