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Barry Jones bjones
Mon Oct 27 17:57:58 CET 2008

Thanks, Matt

Do we know if these dates have been locked in with the tracks, i.e., is 
it safe to plan on them?


Matthew Stutt wrote:
> Folks -
> Because I'm lazy (err...efficient), and Mr. Ginsberg is so eloquent 
> I'm republishing (with his permission) his summary of last week's 
> competition committee meeting:
>     Hey all. Tonight was another wonderful CRC meeting. There were two
>     items on the agenda:
>               o Scheduling for next year
>               o Run Groups for next year
>     2009 MARRS Schedule
>     Honestly I'm not really sure where to start so I'll go with the
>     easy  one--the '09 schedule.Here it is in all its glory. I can't
>     tell you yet which MARRS races will be Doubles (except for Labor
>     Day weekend) or even what the format for the weekends is going to
>     be. We're going to look at that at the next meetings (more on that
>     later). You'll notice a bit more variety compared to '08. So
>     heeeeere it is:
>               o April 18-19 : Summit Point
>               o May 9-10  (Mother's Day): MARRS/SARRC @ VIR
>               o May 30-3 1 : Summit Point
>               o June 27-28 : Summit Point
>               o July 18-19 : NJMP Thunderbolt
>               o August 8-9 : Summit Point
>               o August 22-23 : NJMP Lightning
>               o September 5-7  (Labor Day): Summit Point
>               o October 10-11 : Summit Point
>     We will be working with the North Carolina Region to make the
>     MARRS / SARRC event a little more amenable. This could mean more
>     than the seven run groups we had last time, going to three days,
>     or going to a single race. We'll see.
>      Now that the MARRS series is out of the way, here are the other
>     major dates on the WDCR schedule. Each are at Summit Point:
>               o April 4-5 : Drivers School
>               o May 15-17 : Double National (Pending NEDiv approval.
>     It may become a two-day, single National)
>               o June 12-13 : 12 Hours at the Point
>     2009 MARRS Run Groups
>     Rather than attack run groupings in January as we normally do, we
>     decided to get things done now. Each representative on the
>     Committee was asked to bring their proposed run groups, printed,
>     and would be given three  minutes to present their reasoning. Come
>     next season, you all are either going to love  me or really hate 
>     me. The Committee accepted my  plan.
>     Here's the good news....we're not running with ITS next year.
>     We're going to have a radical  change in the format of the series
>     next year. We've been talking off and on over the past few years
>     about changing the format of the MARRS weekends. We've all
>     discussed qualifying races and many of you heard a proposal at the
>     Open Comp meeting (and here) to make each weekend a Double (w/
>     qualifying and race each day). Well, in order to do that there's
>     no way we could continue to have 10 run groups, and nine run
>     groups wasn't going to cut it either. My plan was to go to eight 
>     run groups. A move to eight run groups allows us to recover a
>     minimum of an hour each day and reallocate that time to the
>     remaining groups, giving us longer on-track sessions. If we go to
>     a qualifying race on Saturday we can make it long enough (approx.
>     10 laps) to alleviate the fears of carnage as people bash and bang
>     to get a better starting position for the Sunday feature. We can
>     also go to a longer feature race on Sunday (18-20 laps). If we go
>     to double weekends, The same applies--more track time each day.
>     So what's the downsides? More cars on track across the board.
>     Whereas this year we had some groups (like ours) that averaged
>     about 40 cars, there were closed-wheel groups that barely managed
>     20 cars. No need to rehash that and our attempts to realign groups
>     mid-season. If we use 2008's participation numbers, most of the
>     run groups would average 35 cars with my plan. Of course, this
>     year we saw a falloff in registrations as the year went on
>     (probably gas price-related) and a lot of us are betting we'll see
>     a 10-20% dropoff due to our economic troubles so we'll probably
>     really be seeing 30-32 car densities at best.
>     So how'd this play out? I proposed going to eight run groups to
>     facilitate modifying the MARRS weekend format. This was approved
>     13-7. Once that was done, I presented my proposed run groups.
>     Believe me when I say that contracting to eight run groups gives
>     you a very  limited number of options. Some of the combinations
>     aren't exactly optimal, but this time around the pain will be
>     spread across more groups instead of just ITA taking the brunt of
>     it once again. The CRC will be working this winter with our
>     stewards and the N.E. Division Chief Steward to add language to
>     our Supps, calling for either "split starts" or "split grids" for
>     many of our run groups to make some combos more palatable.
>     There was one other 8-group combination presented on the fly but
>     the framers couldn't make the numbers work. The committee approved
>     my groupings 13-4 with three abstentions. So here's the rundown.
>     2008 Averages are in parenthesis with the MR2 move to ITB taken
>     into account.
>               o FV / F500 (19)
>               o Big Wings & Things (18)
>               o SM (35)
>               o SSM (41)
>               o Big Bore / ITS / ITR (34)
>               o Small Bore / SRF (38)
>               o ITA / SpecRX7 / T3 (35)
>               o IT7 / ITB / ITC / SSB / SSC (35)
>     There are some classes that aren't very happy, but I know that
>     since Yip likes using RX7's for brake pads that ITA will do just
>     fine. I think we had one T3 car show up all year, so if we do a
>     split start w/ the Spec7's we'll probably be able to coexist quite
>     well.
>     Feel free to comment here or privately, or you all can take my
>     head off this weekend at the drivers school.
>     ...ducking for cover,
>     -Gregg
> It was fun while it lasted,  but IT7 (and SS) have left us.  Hopefully 
> we'll be able to get the run group order modified some to enable 
> double dipping...
> Welcome to ITA.  The stewards are at least so far entertaining the 
> possibility of a split start (not just a split grid as we did with 
> ITC).  This is good new for us.  As for T3...rumor is that Jerry 
> totaled his Sube...so T3 does not really exist anymore in MARRS :)
> Also, don't be afraid of Yip.  I hear it's been years since he last 
> used an RX7 as a brake....
> Thanks
> M. Stutt
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