(MARRS-RX7) CRC meeting notes and updates for the '09 season

Bill #77 77
Mon Oct 27 18:19:22 CET 2008

Quoting Matthew Stutt <mstutt at gmail.com>, 10/27/2008:

>> 2009 MARRS Schedule

I like the schedule. I'm looking forward to trying out NJMP.

>> 2009 MARRS Run Groups
>>           o ITA / SpecRX7 / T3 (35)
>>           o IT7 / ITB / ITC / SSB / SSC (35)

A shame we won't be able to run with IT7 next year. It's our own fault  
though, for letting our numbers slip. If we had more Spec RX-7s (or  
more IT7s), we'd have been able to keep them.

Bright side is now Thill and the rest of the whiners will have to  
suffer through TWO run groups filled with loud, angry bumblebees. =-)

  - Bill
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