(MARRS-RX7) Rotor Housings? WTF

Gervais, Al AGervais
Mon Oct 27 20:30:38 CET 2008

Renesis adapter kit for first gens..  Let's start designing them now..


Bill, you did well in the school, especially since you had to adapt to a
second car in the middle of the day yesterday.  Saw you get squirrely a
couple of times in T8 as you were learning to drive Owen's car..  Must
have been fun!


A very good school all around, and a great group of students.  The
weather on Saturday was the worst I've ever seen at driver's school and
we had a large number of drivers who had never been on track at Summit
or been in their race cars before.. Add a monsoon and put them on dry
tires and you have a body shop's wet dream..  But we didn't have a
single significant car crunching episode all weekend and the group
looked VERY racy by Sunday afternoon..  The General Li won the school
race after beating a fast ITA CRX piloted by a kid who looked 12, and
drove very well..  We had 2 Spec 7's, John Maslin in the Spec he just
bought from Tom Bourne, and Kevin Hutchins in the Spec has been running
at HPDE's this season.  Kevin was one of the unfortunate souls who had
to run Saturday with no rain tires, but he made the best of it and kept
it on track.  By yesterday, both were running very good times in the
dry.  Unfortunately, John snapped an axle and missed the final session
and practice starts, but I think he's good to go for MARRS 1.
Unfortunately we only had late axles at the track, and his rear uses
early hardware. But the way he was driving, he'll fit right in and
looked totally ready to race to me.  Kevin had a great first school and
was pushing the RX-7 HARD by yesterday and was almost always on the
"Cars that are hitting turn-in, apex and exit" list during debrief.
Great job by both Spec new guys, and Bill as well..  -AG


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Ok say the Junkyard scounge lasts for a year or two and then what? I
guess a ford or chevy small block does fit.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 2:34 PM, Kevin and Eva Bailey
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Bill, I was very concerned because the status went from backordered to
no longer available. The line I got whe I called was they might bring
them back later, but for now the production was 100 percent Renesis. I
am going to junkyard scrounge for cores starting nezt weekend. :(


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I am a little confused and a lot concerned. I just got off the phone
with Tim at Mazda Motorsports. He stated that Rotor Housings for the 12A
were both "Long Gone" and "Not going to be produced."  It was my
understanding that the last email chain stated that they were currently
not being made but they would produce more latter. Has any one heard
anything different?




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