(MARRS-RX7) CRC meeting notes and updates for the '09 season

brian@ogracing brian
Mon Oct 27 22:41:55 CET 2008

I am also a little disappointed that the 7's won't be together next year.
Seems the cars AND group got along well, and now we're getting a divorce.

We'll also have to put up with Yip's and Ginsberg's antics on-track too.
Now I know what Matt has been saying all these years..."RX-7's make great
brake pads."  Can we all chip in and buy Yip an orange suit and get 01
embroidered on it?  That just seems like the right thing to do for him, so
he plays nice with us and actually looks like a racer instead of a redneck
ricer.  I love you Matt... but only when you're in your truck at
eye-level... MY eye-level.  

Here are some videos of me at the Autocrossers Inc. event at FedEx

Hopefully I'll see some of you on Shenandoah this coming weekend with Mazda


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We could run IT-7 if we changed designation on the car.  Great opportunity
if you want to run both and there's enough time between groups.. But let it
be known that any Specs who defect to IT-7 will arrive in the morning to
find their car on jack stands and their wheels on the roof of OG Racing...

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