(MARRS-RX7) Rotor Housings? WTF

Kevin and Eva Bailey kevin.s.bailey
Tue Oct 28 00:42:30 CET 2008

Great idea bill! Now I know what to have my husband build for me....spexrx8 Eva (kevin bailey's wife)

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Quoting Bill McCabe <thebillmccabe at gmail.com>, 10/27/2008:

> Ok say the Junkyard scounge lasts for a year or two and then what? I guess a
> ford or chevy small block does fit.

Pist-ons!?! We will burn you at the stake. (While eating steak! ;)

I already have the solution: http://specrx8.com/  ;-D

Seriously, we have probably a decade before usable 12A housings become  
that hard to get. And there is at least one place that can coat old  
housings with a ceramic coating that makes them good as new. NOT legal  
now, but we will adapt as-needed. And if they become that hard to get  
(read $$$), the free market will probably find Racing Beat or somebody  
making new housings.

Worse comes to worse, who would complain (besides me) about spec'ing a  
13B or RENESIS? There are already about 400,0000 RENESIS engines in  
the World, and it's still in production.  Heck, the 16X will be out by  
then with 300+ horses!

Sooooo in-short, I'm optimistic.

  - Bill
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