(MARRS-RX7) Track Time CHEAP: Shenandoah Nov 1-2withMazdaDriverS.com

Bill #77 77
Wed Oct 29 02:06:51 CET 2008

Quoting Scott Luttrell <fastandwily at verizon.net>, 10/28/2008:

> Stir clear of the 85 RX7 orange and blue in color. It may be running on my
> clap'd out Toyo's for that weekend by my friends Dave and Rob, who hope be
> SRX7 driver's soon.

I nominate Scott for the Inaugural Mike "Fancy Lad" Memorial* Rookie  
Spec RX-7 Recruiter Of The Year Award!

Of course, you only get the prize when they actually start racing. Oh,  
and we get enough $1 bills. ;)

* Fancy Lad's not dead, but he's dead to me. ;-p

  - Bill
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