(MARRS-RX7) CRC meeting notes and updates for the '09 season

Gregg S Ginsberg gregg
Wed Oct 29 04:12:14 CET 2008


Since I am the one who wrote the recap you quoted I figured I'd throw in a 
bit of information--NCR knows that we had many issues with the last MARRS 
/ SARRC Challenge, including the density, that lead us not to attend. I 
think that NCR also found that having about 1/2 the entries doesn't make 
for a very profitable weekend. Our recent discussions with them have been 
fruitful and they are VERY open to making changes in the format to 
accommodate the MARRS series and the many entries (and $$$$$) that we 

John Uftring wrote on 10/28/2008 10:49:51 PM:

> Hey Folks,
> As far as I know the May 9-10 dates for the SARRC/MARRS-MARRS/SARRC 
> (whatever) is a DOUBLE weekend, and it will be two days, and there 
> will likely be six or seven race groups. Groan all you want, but on a 
> long track things take time. I'll see if I can dig up the spreadsheet 
> I made a while ago that demonstrates this. Just think, WDC just went 
> from 8 to 9 to 10 and now back to 8 run groups. There is a reason 
> that happened.
> That said, NCR has been working to speed things up. The stewards are 
> becoming more comfortable giving the false grid 5-minutes while there 
> are still cars on the track PROVIDED there is no cleanup required. 
> The stewards are becoming more comfortable with the course check 
> following the last car. It worked pretty well this past weekend, even 
> with the crappy weather on Saturday. Oh, and don't be surprised with 
> large (i.e.: 80+ or 90+ car) run groups. Southeast drivers can cope 
> just fine. I used to drive in Boston Rush Hour, and some of you guys 
> drive in Beltway Rush Hour. It's basically the same, only the speeds 
> are higher. If you want practice with large run groups, come drive in 
> an ECR or CCPS race.
> As for the two-day versus three-day format, there is a long history 
> here. At one point it was three days. There were vocal complaints 
> against the three day format, so NCR changed it to two days. Some 
> people bi at tched that it was two days. NCR went back to three days and 
> guess what? Yep, people bi at tched about it being three days. So NCR 
> has made it two days, and it's likely to stay that way. Now, throw in 
> the VIR track scheduling challenges, and getting it to three days is 
> even more challenging.
> That said, our Comp Board and Board of Directors are pretty open and 
> willing to work on the details, just don't expect Summit Point-like 
> schedules.
> And as ever, I attend most BOD meetings and always take comments and 
> suggestions from this group to them. I also suggest that NCR try 
> something new, especially when I see something work well in another 
> region. I've used WDCR many times in the past as a good example for 
> various things, especially your Fire Rescue folks. The WDCR folks, 
> with two arms and two legs tied behind their backs, kick the @sses of 
> VIR's Fire Rescue team.
> Cheers,
> - John
>    #94 SRX7
> On Oct 27, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Matthew Stutt wrote:
> > Folks -
> >
> > Because I'm lazy (err...efficient), and Mr. Ginsberg is so eloquent 
> > I'm republishing (with his permission) his summary of last week's 
> > competition committee meeting:
> >           o May 9-10  (Mother's Day): MARRS/SARRC @ VIR
> >
> > We will be working with the North Carolina Region to make the 
> > MARRS / SARRC event a little more amenable. This could mean more 
> > than the seven run groups we had last time, going to three days, or 
> > going to a single race. We'll see.
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