(MARRS-RX7) Rotor Housings? WTF

Bill #77 77
Wed Oct 29 14:48:51 CET 2008

Quoting Bill McCabe <thebillmccabe at gmail.com>, 10/28/2008:

> Bill
> This may be more real than you think. So far today I have spoken with
> Mazdatrix, Racing beat, RX7.com and a hand full of random people I found on
> the web. All of them stated a couple of things one that they did not have
> any housings,

That's no different than it was a half-dozen years ago. They didn't  
have any new housings then either and were sure it was the end of the  
World. yet here we are.

> two that the shop that claims that they can recoat the
> housings is incorrect and does not work

Funny, it worked for the 787B. It might not be the same, but I don't  
think we have enough information to dismiss it off-hand. Did you  
specifically mention that it was a ceramic coating, not just a  
"recoat"?  There have been shops that tried to just "recoat" the  
chrome onto the housings. That does not work.

> and third both Mazdatrix and Racing
> Beat suggested that I talk to the class about allowing a change in the power
> plant to a 13B or the Renesis.

We've talked. Not going to happen for a few years. :-)

  - Bill
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