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John Maslin jhmaslin
Sat Nov 1 02:04:13 CET 2008

My name is John Maslin.  I have met many of you at the track and have been
following the mailing list for a while.  I finally bought a Spec RX7, and
completed racing school requirements last weekend at Summit, so I thought it
was time to sign on.

As Al noted earlier in the week, I lost an axle just before the school 5 lap
race, but luckily passed anyway.  I want to thank all those who tried to
come up with an axle.  Bill McCabe offered the one out of his broken car,
and Owen Scheffer pulled it out.  Unfortunately it was a big axle, not the
narrow one I have.  Al came up with a spare that was also too big.  Dave and
Bret looked for one too, as did Brian Thorpe.  Thanks to you all.

I also want to thank those I have pestered with so many questions over the
last two seasons, especially Al, Matt, Bill and Barry.  It is daunting task
to get everything done and try to make the right decisions to make this
happen.  I simply coud not have done it without your guidance on everything
from cars to maintenance to spare parts to trailers.  This mailing list has
been a great help, too.

I have seen almost every race in 2007 & 2008 and have been impressed by the
level of competition throughout the field, and also impressed by the level
of sportsmanship displayed both on and off the track.  Not one call to the
tower from racing (despite close competition), and generous assistance in
the paddock, as I experienced first-hand last weekend.

I look forward to racing with you.  I only wish it weren't such a long time
until MARRS 1.

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