Thu Nov 6 03:04:05 CET 2008

I'm getting the car ready for the upcoming FATT and had to put the side bars back in the cage with also have the nascar bars aswell. How many of you have not marked the outer pieces as to where they go and their position. I swear I had that thing in and out at least 5 times before I finaly got everything lined up and couldn't help but wonder who else has been though that. Also I had to instal new brake lines and bleed the system. I had purchaced a air powered brake bleeding system from harbor frieght for under 30 bucks and I have to say that is some of the best money I have spent. It took less than half the time it would have with 2 people and you and change out the old fluid pretty quick.

Danny Matula
AMC Fabricators, llc
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