Wed Nov 12 02:10:47 CET 2008

Wow what a great time, I really want to thank Al for being my instructor for the day. with his help and riding with him for one session I learn alot and  the ride with him was better than a roller coaster since it was weird to be going that fasts and not being in any control except for how tight i could pull the harness down. And I'm sure Al laughed a few time at me talking to the car and cursing  myself for screwing up the the entry to a few of the turns I kept getting wrong. I know the lines now but actually getting the car  where i want it every lap is the next step.  It was great to meet some of the other Spec 7 guys and hang out. I'm sooo looking forward to  next year and it sucks that theres no more FATTs till late feb if we are lucky. The car did great but needs a little bit of TLC over the down time, I was just happy to get a day at the track with nothing going wrong since the car has been sitting and I had never driven it at all.  The street rubber i was running did pretty good but i think my alignment is off and was giving me a vibration on the front stretch and seemed like it was keeping the car from pulling much over 100 and that front left tire is feathered and abused pretty bad.  If  any one knows of any track days or such over the winter even if they are in further south  I definaly would like to get more time in the seat. Also Does anyone have Mike Glass's number or e-mail? Again I am realy looking forward to next year and Mike was right the guys in the Spec 7 are great.

Danny Matula
AMC Fabricators, llc
ph# 540 295 7694 
Fax# 1-800-763-1731

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