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M. Y. M. Mohamed mymmohamed
Wed Nov 12 03:55:20 CET 2008

I'm going to take the liberty to post a report on Chubbart's weekend down here at Road Atlanta.  All in all, a successful weekend.

Chris entered three classes/races - SRX7, IT7 and the Enduro.

Chris didn't make the test day, as he was still prepping his car.  He eventually made it down to Steve Figura's and they finished the prep.  Chris's car hadn't been run 14 months. So, there were some cobwebs to clean out.

Saturday:  His first laps at road atlanta were qualifiers.  For IT7, he qualified the car 8th out of 9 cars with a 1:56.9.  Later, he qualified in SRX7 on the pole!!  Ok, so there was only one car, but he got a 1:53.7.  Clearly, a man on a mission to find the fast way around this track.

In the IT7 race, he got quicker still, and finished third, taking home a trophy.  He ran 1:52.677!

Next was the SRX7 race.  All was ok for about 5 laps, but then something weird started happening.  Car sounded like it was sputtering and really slow.  We tried to keep Chris out till the 1/2 way mark to get his race in, but we were given bad info by one of the grid workers who counted too many laps.  In any case, the car was so slow as to be dangerous and Chris really needed to come in.  He came in on his own accord (I think 3 minute laps), but the race was scored a DNF.  The culprit was clogged fuel filter.  Evidently some surface rust in the tank got dislodged and got the filter dirty.

I went home, and Chris, Steve & Steve's friend John got the car ready for the 3 hr. enduro.

Sunday:  The car was entered as the solo SRX7.  Chris contemplated entering it as an IT7, but it was too late to change the class. When the race got started, the workers shooed everyone off the grid that John didn't get a chance to turn the radio on.  So, out came an old pitboard.  John was on the radio being crew chief, and I kept the pit strategy and fueled the car.  Chris drove the 1st stint for about 50 minutes until the car started to suffer from fuel starvation.  This would have been a scheduled stop anyway.  He brought it in.  Gas and go.  STop was longer than it could have been, but everything was smooth (and the radio was turned on).  Steve drove for the next stint which was about 1 hr. 27 minutes.  Towards the last 30 minutes, Steve started complaining of a bad vibration in the front.  Car was still fast.  In fact, during his stint, Steve was within .4 seconds of Hi Al's track record.  We went through the last mandatory pit stop.

The third stint was driven by Chris, but within 5 laps, he complained of that the brake pedal that went to the floor.  And so, off he went through the turn 10 gravel trap without touching anything.

We then had an unscheduled pitstop.  Chris would pump the pedal and the front wheels wouldn't stop turning!  Steve bled a little brake fluid and then the pedal got better.  We discovered, by accident, that we had a stuck front right caliper.  So, out Chris went and he completed the race, though the laps were a bit slower.  All in all 85 laps were completed.  But here's the best part, the best finishing IT7 finished 13 laps behind Chris & Steve! The overall winner completed 97 laps.

A great day for racing!


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