(MARRS-RX7) Put a HANS on the list...

Bill #77 77
Thu Nov 13 23:15:21 CET 2008

Quoting Gregg S Ginsberg <gregg at ginsberg.org>, 11/13/2008:

> This was a Honda S2000 w/ aftermarket roll cage (but not fill cage   
> IIRC) and hard top. He had run 1:24's earlier in the day. The car   
> missed T1 and hit the retaining wall broadside all the way on the   
> far left--an area where there were no stacks of tires. Given that   
> I've been T-Boned at 70+ mph while wearing a HANS and how the car   
> impacted a cement wall backed up by a huge berm (ie. no give), a   
> HANS would likely have had no effect.

The HANS *absolutely* would have helped. The HANS is far more  
effective in side impacts than belts alone. Might not have saved him,  
but just might have.

An S2k forum member who I assume to be Rob Robinette did some crash analysis:

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