Robert Bruno rbruno8
Fri Nov 14 04:46:53 CET 2008

I had read about the accident yesterday.  Such a shame, and really got 
me thinking about safety equipment.

I had already convinced myself that I would buy a HANS for next year, 
but now find myself taking it even more seriously.  I have done some 
research and it seems like the two top devices are HANS and ISAAC.  I 
wanted to see if people had any opinions or experiences on either device 
or pros and cons for each.

 From the research I've done ISAAC makes good arguments for why they 
give superior protection, yet for whatever reason HANS seems much more 
widely used and trusted.  Plus from what I can tell the HANS is support 
by many professorial leagues while the same doesn't be true for ISAAC.

I know that neither is a cure all, but just want to make sure next year 
I at least am doing more than I'm doing now to be safe.


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