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Fri Nov 14 23:29:30 CET 2008

I own the HANS, and I like it. I've used it in what was probably a  
25-30 MPH offset crash when that Neon raped me, and I definitely felt  
it work. Zero soreness or stiffness the next morning. Granted, the  
cars crumpling absorbed a lot of the energy.

I looked at the ISAAC back in 2004 when I was looking to buy, and  
again yesterday when Robert brought it up. I really like the concept  
of the ISAAC, and the guy makes some compelling arguments.

The reason the ISAAC doesn't meet SFI spec is because releasing the  
belts alone does not release the device, not because there are two  
releases. Every other device is attached to the driver and held by the  
belts. When the belts come free, the other devices are free.

The guy has had at least five years to come up with a way to meet the  
SFI spec, or make a big stink and get the spec changed. I can easily  
imagine a device something like the HANS with wings coming over the  
tops of the belts to hold the shock-absorbing devices. Belts come  
loose, device is free, SFI spec is met. If I can think of this, why  
can't he?

And listing people who died or were injured while wearing the HANS is  
just not cool, IMHO.

So I like the idea of the ISAAC, but their published information (and  
attitude) and lack of wider approval make me uneasy.

These sites appear to have up-to-date links and news on many H&N devices:

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