(MARRS-RX7) clutch

Gervais, Al AGervais
Sat Nov 15 17:06:40 CET 2008

I've use a centerforce unsprung 4 puck for years.  Good bite, not too expensive, and they last. 

 And now we're waiting for Bill to rant about how they eat transmissions...

....And we're waiting....

....And we're waiting...

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I chose a sprung hub, ACT 6 puck clutch.  Mainly due to the fact that A) I had used ACT before and like their stuff, B) I wanted the strength of a ?pucked? clutch disk and C) that they had pucked options that had springs (instead of full racing disks that do not have springs) which make for a bit less harsher engagement as I wanted to still be able to drive the car on the street.  From what I have driven of the car so far, it seems to be a great setup.  


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What clutch are most running? I'm guessin  my car hassomething closer to a stock clutch going by how soft and slow it engages compared to Als witch had me hiting my head on the seat every shift and I'm not one to baby a shift either.

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