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Wed Dec 24 15:54:51 CET 2008

I posted this on Spec Miata. Let me know if you want to  attend? It will be 
the 7th of March and the cost is $100. Not sure if this would  be of any use to 

I am looking at scheduling a seminar with Roger Caddell of  Victory Lane data 
in the next two months. I first need to see how many people  would be 
interested in attending. It looks like the cost would be about $80 to  $100 a person 
for the complete day. Once I get enough replies I will contact  Roger and try 
and get a date set up with him. the seminar will be limited to 25  people. 
Victory Lane Data seminars cover the basics of data acquisition and  equipment 
but then Roger will lead directly into helping the user understand how  to use 
their AiM data equipment to go faster. Please contact me at 
_RPPerformance1 at aol.com_ (mailto:RPPerformance1 at aol.com)  if you are  interested in attending, do 
not miss out on this chance to learn how to really  use your data system.   

Bret de  Pedro
RP  Performance

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