(MARRS-RX7) Tires- Time to decide..

Bill 77
Fri Mar 13 15:58:38 CET 2009

Quoting AUGUST MATULA <amc.fab at hotmail.com>:

> Just an odd shot, but how important is it that we use a R compound   
> tire.  bang for the buck the Sumitomo 205s that i have on the car   
> right now are decent tires and only 50 bucks. i was pretty shocked   
> at thier grip although i do have yet to try the ra1 yet. just a   
> thought

Since we all run the same tires, it wouldn't really matter if we run  
street tires instead of race tires, legends do it.  But you'll soon  
hear a cacophony of complaints that it would be too slow and make the  
class completely boring and a laughing stock. I don't entirely  
disagree with that.  Nice to embarrass some cars that have a higher  
level of prep.

I think so long as we have a 13" R-compound tire available to us at  
sub-ludicrous prices, we should stick to them.  As far as I know,  
there are still at least two readily available, and they are still  
cheaper than their 15"+ counterparts.

If we really wanted to follow where tires are going, we'd be running  
17" or larger...

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