(MARRS-RX7) Congratulations Champ!!!

Dave Ade daveade
Tue Oct 13 00:58:44 CEST 2009

Thanks everyone! It was a great season and fight for the championship-coming down to the last race. Thanks to everyone who helped me out during the season: RP Performance (Bret, Kyle, TJ), the guys at Performance Auto Works, Al, The Matts, Owen... Al-always a pleasure going wheel-to-wheel with you (and talking trash, too). Brian-you put up one h*ll of a fight Sunday, forcing me to go too fast into 1 and pulling off the typical under-over...twice. Kevin-congrats on a great rookie year! Great season everyone-I look forward to next season. 

> From: brian at ogracing.com
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> Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 10:25:03 -0400
> Subject: (MARRS-RX7) Congratulations Champ!!!
> Dave, 
> It was fun racing with you all year. Congratulations on the sweep this
> weekend, and the new, blazing fast lap record (1:29.554)! I like to think I
> had something to do with it, once I found some power in my car, we pushed
> each other to the limit of what those cars can do. My goal was to set the
> lap record this weekend, and a timing official actually came up to me after
> the race to congratulate ME on the new lap record (1:29.827), but we figured
> that I only held it for a few moments before you took it back. 
> Our good battle Sunday ended abruptly when on my 10th lap, while braking for
> Turn 1 behind Dave, my left front rotor broke around the center portion,
> which sent me to the right at about the 2 marker. My first thoughts were
> this is not good, AND I do not want to take out the champ. Therefore, I
> steered further right so as to give him room to make Turn 1. After crossing
> over the grass on the inside and going straight across the track, I spun on
> the grass outside of 1 coming to a stop before the gravel. I knew something
> was broken and suspected the rotor, so I drove up to the access road
> deciding to turn left toward the skidpad rather than continuing on track.
> As someone put it, "Them's the breaks." Or is it the "brakes"? 
> I had a fun year and am looking forward to more good racing in 2010!
> Brian Hair
> #06 
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