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Wed Oct 21 03:43:55 CEST 2009

A lot of SCCA folks like to bad-mouth EMRA for being "slack" and casual
about safety at their events.  At the same time, EMRA used to bill itself as
sort of the "anti-SCCA" and says SCCA is too rapped up in rules minutia and
enforcement.  Like so many things, there's a kernel of truth on both sides.
 Having said that....

I ran the November EMRA event a couple years ago in my RX7 and ran in their
ST4 class.  Yes, there were cars in the class which were more prepped than
ours, but I had no problems with the event and enjoyed it.  Good seat time.

Besides running in a class that included cars which would essentially be
prod cars and small-bore GT cars in SCCA, the differences I noticed were:

1.  Tech was much more lax.  Perhaps it was because my car had an SCCA log
book with a current annual tech, I don't know.  What I *do* know is that
tech was basically a card table in the paddock where the guy simply stamped
the page and gave me a sticker without looking at much of anything else.
 (No checking the previous for any write-ups and such.)

2.  No one asked to see my license at registration, which seemed a bit
strange and left me wondering if the other guys on the track were actually
licensed.  After all, they didn't know me from Adam.  But again, I had no
problems and didn't see any craziness on track.  In fact although they ran
close and hard, it was actually a bit more sedate than a typical SCCA

3.  The flag stations were very thinly manned, with many stations having
only one person.  I'd been concerned about that after an experience I'd had
flagging at their original day-night enduro.  They handed me a yellow flag
and told me I was Station 9.  No radio, no fire extinguisher or anything
like that.  I remember thinking about what I'd do if i actually had an
incident, with no help or way of communicating my situation.  My conclusion
was that I'd shine my flashlight on myself, wave the hell out of the flag,
and hope someone pitted to tell someone if it was bad.  But that was almost
30 years ago, and they've gotten much better since then. They've gotten
better than that since then.  However, I couldn't help looking closely at
the flag stations when I ran there; I concluded it was pretty much like
running a regional at the Glen, where flaggers are also spread relatively

Bottom line is I'd race there again.  I'd say go ahead, enter, and enjoy


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 8:31 PM, John Maslin <jhmaslin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has anyone competed in an EMRA event?  They have a weekend coming up in Nov
> at SPt.  Looks like you get two practice/qual sessions and an 18 lap race on
> Saturday for $200.  The race groups are small bore, big bore and formula.
> First gen RX7s are in the "ST4" class, but ST4 appears to be grouped in with
> all the higher classes in the big bore group.  Results from other tracks
> look like they get about 25 cars per group.   Anyway, I was wondering if
> EMRA runs a decent event and whether they make it painful to get an SCCA car
> and license through their bureaucracy.
> Thanks, John
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