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It's been years since I ran with them, but they were an interesting group to run with. Very grass roots, lots of track time for your buck. Very colorful bunch. From what I recall, flaggers were off-duty drivers when I ran with them at Summit. When I flagged T3, I wouldn't have known what to do if a bad wrecked had happened at my station other than yelling "You ain't gonna believe what just happened out here" into the radio. This was over 10 years ago, so they may have changed things a little since then. They were very accommodating and let me race with just 1 SCCA school under my belt. Last time I raced with them was the Friday of an SCCA weekend at the Glen. Lots of the SCCA guys raced with them as a cheap practice day and did very well. Strangely, at the end of the race, they were found to be a lap down and the regular EMRA guys ended up with the wins. Everybody was happy with the results since we got good track time. Like I said, colorful bunch...


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Has anyone competed in an EMRA event?  They have a weekend coming up in Nov at SPt.  Looks like you get two practice/qual sessions and an 18 lap race on Saturday for $200.  The race groups are small bore, big bore and formula.  First gen RX7s are in the "ST4" class, but ST4 appears to be grouped in with all the higher classes in the big bore group.  Results from other tracks look like they get about 25 cars per group.   Anyway, I was wondering if EMRA runs a decent event and whether they make it painful to get an SCCA car and license through their bureaucracy.
Thanks, John
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