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Thanks, Jack and Al.  I just might give it a go.

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 9:46 PM, Gervais, Al <AGervais at newcorp.com> wrote:

> It's been years since I ran with them, but they were an interesting group
> to run with. Very grass roots, lots of track time for your buck. Very
> colorful bunch. From what I recall, flaggers were off-duty drivers when I
> ran with them at Summit. When I flagged T3, I wouldn't have known what to do
> if a bad wrecked had happened at my station other than yelling "You ain't
> gonna believe what just happened out here" into the radio. This was over 10
> years ago, so they may have changed things a little since then. They were
> very accommodating and let me race with just 1 SCCA school under my belt.
> Last time I raced with them was the Friday of an SCCA weekend at the Glen.
> Lots of the SCCA guys raced with them as a cheap practice day and did very
> well. Strangely, at the end of the race, they were found to be a lap down
> and the regular EMRA guys ended up with the wins. Everybody was happy with
> the results since we got good track time. Like I said, colorful bunch...
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> Has anyone competed in an EMRA event?  They have a weekend coming up in Nov
> at SPt.  Looks like you get two practice/qual sessions and an 18 lap race on
> Saturday for $200.  The race groups are small bore, big bore and formula.
> First gen RX7s are in the "ST4" class, but ST4 appears to be grouped in with
> all the higher classes in the big bore group.  Results from other tracks
> look like they get about 25 cars per group.   Anyway, I was wondering if
> EMRA runs a decent event and whether they make it painful to get an SCCA car
> and license through their bureaucracy.
> Thanks, John
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