(MARRS-RX7) Upcoming competition committee meeting

Kevin Hutchens kevin
Mon Nov 16 23:25:39 CET 2009

I liked our run group as long as we got the split starts (which we had to
ask for each and every time).  The starts started to get better once we
started starting faster (that almost made me staaarttt to stutttttter).


As for out of region, I would love to hit a place that we didn't this year
but would prefer Lightning over Thunderbolt if we get stuck in NJ again.
I'd be happy with VIR 2x since I will miss the first one in may.  And 100%
VIR over NJ, hands down.  I am willing to bet most people here would agree
(reason being flies alone, aside from how awesome VIR is as a track!)


The double races was a lot of fun and gave a noob like me more changes to
learn how not to blow the start.  I say we keep them they way they are.


It looks like there is a large gap in July as well.  No race planned at all
for July?  I should extend my trip then!!!


Thanks for making this effort Jack!




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Hey all, 


The DC Region competition committee will be meeting next Saturday morning,
and I'd like to know if anyone's got any gripes, requests, suggestions, or
concerns that might be put out there.  


For example, how did everyone feel about our 2009 run group?  


Preferences regarding tracks for out-of-region MARRS events? 


Or the  Saturday format with the morning qualifying session and afternoon
sprint race with the best time from either session determining Sunday's race


You may not have heard, but the 12-hour will not happen in 2010.  As it
stands right now, the DC Region's 2010 racing schedule at Summit point is
pretty much cast in stone as follows:


March 27-28             Drivers School

April 24-25               MARRS 

June 5-6                  MARRS

June 25-26              MARRS 

August 7-8              MARRS

Sept 4-5-6               Double MARRS (Labor day) 

October 2-3             MARRS 


Note that there's a big hole in May.  Mothers' day weekend in mid-May has
generally been the date of the double at VIR.  This year's Northeast
Division schedule shows a double at New Jersey.  So the question could well
arise as to if there's a preference for New Jersey of VIR.  In that event,
i'd like to know if there's some sort of majority preference. 


Please let me know what you think, so I can argue our case if necessary. 


Jack Burrows

SRX7 #71



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