(MARRS-RX7) Brake issues

James Hull jameshull777
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Did you also change the proportioning valve???  


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Subject: (MARRS-RX7) Brake issues

Ok guys ? got a weird one here..
Keith took my car out for the HPDE this weekend.  Before he used it, I took it to Convenience Car care in Manassas and had them bleed the brakes because the pedal felt a bit soft.  After the bleed, it still felt the same so we just figured that was as good as it was going to get.  Problem is, the car hat ATE Superblue fluid, and BRAND NEW  SS braided brake lines.  Now, this car was a GS and during the conversion I put a new GSL master cylinder to the bake booster that was already in the car.  Here is where it gets interesting?
After a day of running the car at summit, then driving it back home to VA, then the trip back to summit and after the first session on Sunday, Keith took the front wheels off to check the brakes and found that they looked ?freckled? with rust.  He didn?t think much of it at the time, but when he brought the car back to my house and we took his race wheels off to put my stockers back on, the rear disks looked shiny and worn, and the front disks still had the ?freckled? look to them ? almost as if the front pads were barely touching the rotors at all.  
Since the system was bled, there are no leaks, and it has SS lines, we are thinking its one of the following:
1)       The front calipers are freezing somehow and not fully extending (there is about half of the pad life left btw)
2)       The brake booster itself is bad
3)       Maybe there is a problem with putting a GSL master cyl. on a GS brake booster?
4)       Maybe there is some sort of brake adjustment that needs to be done since I converted the car from rear drums to rear disks?
I personally don?t see that the movement from GS to GSL would have made that much of a difference ? In my mind more brake bias would go to the front to compensate for drum rears on a GS anyway so if anything it would be more biased to the front of the car.  All I know is this thing goes to the floor when you put your foot on the brakes and pumping it does seem to have an effect.  Anyone have any ideas?
- Alex 		 	   		  
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