(MARRS-RX7) Brake issues

Bill 77
Tue Apr 20 04:07:42 CEST 2010

Quoting alexanderanson at gmail.com on Mon, 19 Apr 2010:

> Ok guys - got a weird one here..


> Since the system was bled, there are no leaks, and it has SS lines, we are
> thinking its one of the following:
> 1)       The front calipers are freezing somehow and not fully extending
> (there is about half of the pad life left btw)

Maybe.  Easy to test.  But unlikely both would fail at once.

> 2)       The brake booster itself is bad

You'd feel that. You'd bust a gut trying to stop the thing.

> 3)       Maybe there is a problem with putting a GSL master cyl. on a GS
> brake booster?

Probably not.

> 4)       Maybe there is some sort of brake adjustment that needs to be done
> since I converted the car from rear drums to rear disks?


Decent chance the brake master is just bad.  It's not really "new", right?

It could also be a bad bleed job.  These cars require some violence on  
the pedal to bleed them properly if there is air in the lines.   
Especially after a brake line job.  Using one of those sissy vacuum  
bleeders will not do the job.  You need somebody stomping on that  
pedal with some belligerence like it was bin Laden's head.  Otherwise  
the fluid just gently wafts around the air bubbles without even  
upsetting their slumber.

Oh, and you're wasting your money with that ATE fluid IMHO. These cars  
don't need it and it just makes bubbles and schmutz harder to see.   
Use a high-quality synthetic and be done with it.  Castrol LMA or  
Valvoline both work fine.

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