(MARRS-RX7) Grid order for MARRS 1 qualifying session

Jack Burrows rx7rainman
Thu Apr 22 21:36:09 CEST 2010

Yes, Bill, I strongly suspect that after MARRS 1 they'll go to some system
based on previous performance, and the question only arose for this race
because it's the start of the season.

There have been all manner of systems for gridding, all to discourage
"pre-gridding."  At M1 last year I ws actually placed third on the grid for
the first qualifying session, and I remember looking around and thinking
"What the hell am I doing *here*?"

I sent Shirley a revised response telling her to grid us however she wants


On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Bill <77 at stuart5.com> wrote:

> In the not-too-distant past they were gridding us for first qualifying
> session by the most recent race lap or qualifying times (can't remember
> which) from the previous race, regardless of class.  Then gridding the
> second qualifying by the first qualify session times.  That was most logical
> as it gave everybody the best chance of getting clear track.
> Before that the first qualifier was random but predetermined to prevent the
> pre-gridding shenanigans, and the second was by the first qualifying times.
>  That worked OK too.
>  - Bill
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