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Also, congrats to Brian who won on Saturday, he and Dave put on a show of good tight back and forth racing both days but unfortunately it ended a couple of laps early yesterday when Brian threw a belt.  Lots of good racing this weekend.. But more importantly it was finally time for the MARRS family to get together and do what we do best, which is race and have fun!  My hat is off to Don Peyton who's return to action exceeded all expectations, including his own.  Don was hoping to see how much stamina he had but planned to take it a little easy this weekend.  But as usual, the Racing Gods had other plans.. The weekend started with changing a tire on the RV while heading to Summit, and he handled that and each other part of the weekend with strength he probably didn't realize was back yet.. On Saturday he said he wasn't sure if he'd have the stamina yet to make 20 laps during Sunday's race.  But on lap 12 yesterday he started marching his way through the middle of the pack and later when Casey and Brian had problems, he ended up with a career best 2nd place finish with a very nice fast lap!  He had to get through a nice battle between Casey, Ken Segal and Steve Wolfson to do it.  Looked like you guys all had a good time out there.  Anyway, it was terrific to have Don back in the saddle again, we sure missed having you around for much of last season..
Brian, sorry you had a mechanical, hope the motor is okay.  Not sure what caused Casey to drop out, but he ended up parked in the carousel and started a small grass fire.. Shades of the Spec 7 races of old.. You might want to check for a catalytic converter on that car! Greg Eaton, congrats on your first weekend in Spec 7! And of course, great job by Dave "The Mayor of Summit Point" Ade with yet another win on his way to World Racing Domination.  And he got to win on his birthday too!
I had a helluva good time running with the 240's in ITS this weekend. Kind of lonely being the only RX-7 out there, but if you're looking for something different, these cars fit the bill.  It actually drives a lot more like a Spec 7 than I would have expected, but the turns come rushing at you a lot quicker.. And the increased acceleration is very noticeable. As is every little bump on the track.. But great fun to drive for sure.. Has way more elbow room than my old Spec 7's did.  And brake rotors that don't crack if you look at them wrong..
                So how many of us will be at VIR?  I know Dave is going.  Mike Lanning is planning on it as well.. If you're on the fence and have never been there before you really oughta go.  It's as close to Racer's Valhalla as you're gonna find in Old Virginny!  -AG

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Congratulations to Dave Ade for opening his defense of his 2009 SRX7 championship by winning the season opener at Summit Point today (as well as winning the award for having the youngest fan) and to Don Peyton and Steve Wolfson for rounding out the podium.

Also to Al G. for his showing in his new 2nd gen ITS car, demonstrating that if you can drive a Spec RX7 quickly, you can be drive anything quickly.

Jack Burrows
SRX7 #71
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