(MARRS-RX7) rx7 - whole car, rolling chassis or tub.....

Paul Hale Sr paulhalesr
Sun May 9 16:35:26 CEST 2010

I would be interested in the tub. I'm not sure what's a fair price?  500.00?





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Ok all i have gotten to the point where i need some space in the garage so I
think it is finally time to find the the IT7 a new home.  I am looking to
sell the wohle car, the rolling chassis, or the tub alone with fuel cell.
While i realize most are interested in spec7 I didn't know if anyone would
be interested in a tub with a fuel cell, the cage could be cut out and the
autopower bolted to the plates in the floor.  the cage is 1.5 inch .120 wall
if that meets your rules.  If anyone needs one let me know i can pull the
motor, suspension etc and sell just the tub, make me an offer if interested
i need some space.


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