(MARRS-RX7) Random old USGP pics

John Maslin jhmaslin
Wed Jun 2 05:44:43 CEST 2010

Hey Jack,

That takes me back.  I attended the 1970 race to see Fittipaldi win.  Drove
up in my trusty '66 Fiat 1500 "Cabriolet" (not Spider, or Spyder either!).

Ahhh, how the Boone's Farm Apple Wine flowed.........  John

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 8:15 PM, Jack Burrows <rx7rainman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Due to popular demand (OK, Alex asked), a few more...
> Gotta lead off with my hero, Dan Gurney, in the 3-liter V-12 Eagle Weslake
> he won the Beglian GP earlier in the 1967 season. One of the most beautiful
> race cars ever made. Note the skinny traded tires and Gunrey's open-face
> helmet and goggles and his blakc leather driving gloves.
> [image: Dan Gurney, AAR Eagle @ Watkins Glen, 1967.jpg]
> Next up, Mario Andretti in the Lotus 49-Cosworth from 1968, his first-ever
> Grand Prix start.  Mario put the car on the pole then promptly crashed out
> in the first 10 laps.  The guy he's talking to is Chris Economacki who,
> despite all his disclaimers, DID ask "What's it like out there?"  and yes,
> the picture's autographed.  I got Mario to sign it at the inaugural CART
> race at Nazareth in the mid-1980s.  Also note the high rear wing.  They had
> a nasty habit of breaking off and were banned in 1969.  Also note that the
> tires are still treaded but are marginally wider and lower in profile than
> the year before.  AND the roll bar *almost* rises to the top of the
> driver's helmet with no diagonal support brace.  Yeah, that'll do the
> trick....
> [image: 68 mario watkins glen.jpg]
> Next, 1969...  Another "Lotus pit" picture.  (I guess you can tell I was a
> pit marshal even back then - the longest I ever held a job.)  This time
> Graham Hill talking with Colin Chapman.  High wing is replaced by a
> sturdier, lower one.  Tires are wider and tread is less noticeable, and Hill
> is wearing one of those new-fangled full-face helmets.   The roll bar is
> beefier and braced, but it didn't do Hill any good when he flipped the car
> in the race.  Why?  Because his car had died earlier in the race and, after
> he got it restarted trackside and got in to continue, he didn't buckle
> himself in and was thrown from the car when it flipped.  He was "lucky"
> enough to only fracture his femur, which caused him to limp for the rest of
> his life.
> [image: Graham Hill & Colin Chapman 69.jpg]
> Finally for now, from 1970 - Emerson Fittipaldi winning his first grand
> prix in a Lotus 72-Cosworth Ford.  It was also his first F-1 start, having
> been called up from Formula 3 as a last-minute fill-in after Jochen Rindt's
> death in the previous Monza.  Note the catch-fences in the background at the
> 90 (then the final turn but now turn 1).[image: Emmo 1st win 70 USGP.jpg]
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