Matthew Stutt mstutt
Mon Jun 7 23:29:09 CEST 2010

> That sounds like classic sticking float. Side loads are making a float
> stick open.  Running from T1 to T4 the floats will be down, then throwing a
> hard turn at them is making one or both stick.  The new fuel pump is
> probably helping by flowing lots of fuel.  Time to pop the top off the carb
> and fix or replace the floats.
It does sound like it could be somehow float related, though I would be
surprised if the floats were actually bad or the wrong height.  I would
point out that when running under full throttle the float level should not
drop...specially not with Bruno's shiney new fuel pump.  Bill is right in
that the carb's have fuel slosh problem that IIRC shows up mostly in left
handers (has todo with which side the float is hinged on).

I'd recommend verifying your fuel pressure, then ordering a new needle/seat
for each float bowl.  Depending on the condition of your floats, you may
want to order those as well.  Even if you don't replace the floats you
should verify their height setting, though if they haven't been messed with
previously they never change.

When you take the top of the carb make sure you note which screws go in
which hole...they are different lengths and if you get them mixed up it can
be frustrating.  The best solution would be to head to the hardware store
and get some allen head screws to replace those soft headed screws (I
believe they are m4?).
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