(MARRS-RX7) Shenandoah

Brian Hair brian
Thu Oct 7 15:27:22 CEST 2010

This won't help you Kevin, but the last two weekends, Audi Club and
TrackDaze were there.  I am not sure about anymore FATT's other than the one
this Saturday.  


"Beyond that, I'm gonna have to check my calendar."  - John Bender (The
Breakfast Club)






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Does anyone know of any track day events at Shenandoah before the end of the
year?  Mazda Drivers doesn't look like they are doing any and all of the
remaining FATTs/NASA HPDE/TrackDaze are on the main course.  I also checked
out Car Guys but their site is broken. what other groups are there out


I'd like to get back out on Shenandoah one more time before I sell my car
this winter (and move to the land of Kiwis).  Anyone interested in my car?
I am going to do a full write up/offer letter for it after MARRS11.



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