(MARRS-RX7) How did the second race go?

Kevin Hutchens kevin
Mon Oct 11 01:34:43 CEST 2010

Well, Bryan decided to remove the front sway bar and went for a dose of
catnip in the turn 10 litter box on the first or second lap, the rest of the
race was me, Alex and Chewy fighting it out while slowly pulling Don back
towards us.  No idea about how Brian and Dave were racing but I know Dave
got it in the end and nailed the championship, with Brian second and Don
finishing 3rd (in this race).

Lots of exciting passes and racing, especially when the fast ITA guys caught
back up to us...  I'll post the video tonight.

Good racing, L  O    N       G               day

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This morning was Brian Hair winning with Kitty second and Bryan Dobyns in
P3. How did the afternoon races go?

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