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Gregg S Ginsberg gregg
Mon Oct 11 15:32:00 CEST 2010

 I just wanted to extend and express my gratitude to all of you who contributed, both monetarily and by donating your time, to the worker lunch yesterday. As I'm sure many of you heard first-hand, the volunteers really enjoyed both the meal and the special service that only we provide them during the year.

On a related note to what Al posted earlier this morning about my friend, Chris Fox, all of the remaining foodstuffs from yesterday's meal and from the worker lunch that Small Bore hosted on Saturday are being picked up by Jefferson County Meals on Wheels this morning and the "donation" has been made in Chris's name.

And on a brighter note, I want to congratulate both Dave and Brian on a great season-long battle for the championship and to all of the SRX7 racers for helping make what I believe to be one of the best run groups in the MARRS series for two year's running. It's been an honor to both share a track with you and watch from the pit wall.

Have a wonderful winter and I'll see you all in the spring!

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>On a sad note, the reason yesterday was
>so long was because the Saturday race had to be postponed due to a
>medical emergency in the paddock.   Chris Fox, long time prod racer
>and mentor to a great many in the racing community suffered a fatal
>cardiac arrest. Chris collapsed shortly after her race, and the
>advanced life support resources were there instantly, but apparently
>it was just her time. Her loss is being felt by many.
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