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Jack Burrows rx7rainman
Tue Oct 12 03:28:30 CEST 2010

Al alluded to it in another post, but Chris Fox died following a massive
heart attack in the Summit point paddock this past weekend.  For those of
you who didn't know Chris, she was, in many ways, the ultimate club racer.
 She started racing decades ago in a production Spridget back in a time when
a lot of folks still thought "the girls" weren't up to competitive racing.
 Chris won dozens of races, set a lot of lap records, and was a perennial
regular at the Runoffs  - back when going to the Runoffs really meant
something.  More recently, she raced a Caterham which she just recently
sold.  This past weekend she was racing her close friend and multiple
national champion  Randy Canfield's bugeye Sprite.  She collapsed shortly
after completing her Saturday race, where i believe she finished second in a
car she'd only driven once before.

Chris wasn't "just a driver" either.  She also volunteered regularly as a
pit marshal and grid marshal, and had worked virtually every specialty over
the years.  She also volunteered as an instructor at our driver's school and
was probably an instructor for a number of you.  Chris was a credit to club
racing, the club, and the DC Region as well as a good friend to almost
everyone who knew her.  Shell be missed.

For anyone wishing to pay respects, viewing will be at 10:00 AM Thursday
October 14 with a service to follow at 11:00.  Interment will be private.
Viewing and service will be at:

De Vol funeral Home
10 E. Deer Park
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 948-6800

Here's to Chris Fox.

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