(MARRS-RX7) New SRX7 class administrator

Jack Burrows rx7rainman
Tue Nov 9 23:06:55 CET 2010

Well folks,

I hate to say this, but we're going to need a new Spec RX7 class
administrator for 2011.  I'll be wearing a different region hat - as
Regional Executive - starting 1 December, and I know from experience that's
going to eat up my time. Also, with MARRS Spec RX7 being a DC Region class,
I don't want to get into a position where acting as both class administrator
and RE could pose a conflict of interest.

Because this is such short notice, I'll continue as class administrator
until we can find a new sucker ... um ... make that replacement or until the
beginning of the MARRS season next spring, whichever comes first.  It's been
a hoot, thanks to the fact that the SRX7 mob is a great bunch of folks.

Jack Burrows
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