(MARRS-RX7) SRX7 for sale!

Kevin Hutchens kevin
Thu Dec 9 23:27:20 CET 2010

My buyer fell through today so I am dropping this back into the forum for
anyone interested


PDF is here: http://racemydata.com/_SRX7/SRX7%20For%20Sale.pdf


Mazda SRX7 ?85 SCCA MARRS racecar for sale - $3,000 ready to race


The car was originally purchased in 2007 for track days/HDPE/PDX events.
Numerous upgrades were completed at the

end of 2008 to bring it up to SCCA specifications for racing a full 2009
season in which I finished 3rd. The car is

competitive in the SRX7 class in the DC area, my best time in it is a 1:32
flat (leaders are about 1-2 seconds faster but the

car is capable of more than I am). It was originally build and owned by Jim
Sheedfar who put a lot of nice fancy parts on

it. It was later owned and raced by Rob Hines who used it to battle the
Zalner boys for podium spots. The car is

currently stored at RP Performance up at Summit Point race track.


More photos are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/srxkevin/SRX74


? Engine was dynoed recently maxes at 110 HP

? Large aluminum radiator (installed in 2009)

? Race seat has current harnesses (FIA 2012)

? Dual belt pulley on alternator and 2nd gen oil cooler

? All allowed updates for 2009 + 2010 have been done

? Car at minimum weight (I finish w/ about ? a tank to make weight)

? I have 9 american racing wheels and 4 diamond steel wheels (some are
mounted with used tires)

? The car has the mazda comp brake ducts on the hubs but one of the duct
boxes is gone

? Passenger seat with harness (harness is out dated but is good for track
days and ride-alongs and instruction)

? Car will NOT have transponder (current one is borrowed, I have a
rechargeable one but no charger for it)

? Replacement tail light (for the broken one) and new corner markers (as one
or two are missing)

? I also have the big blue Mazda owners/maintenance book

? Current log book (need to add photos)



Left and right front fenders, a hood, left door, fan + shroud, front
underside belly pan, drive shaft, exhaust convertor, tail

pipe, gas tank filler pipe, power brake booster, comp clutch


Kevin Hutchens


kevin at designed.com

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